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— by Julie Vincent

I have a confession to make. I really — and I mean really — don’t deal well with hangovers.

Even if I just go out for a couple of glasses of wine with the girls, I pretty much have to wave the next day goodbye.

The 3am migraine kicks in like clockwork. At8 am nausea comes knocking, putting me straight off my breakfast. By 2pm, my Saturday is history: full-force sluggishness kicks in, and all I can bring myself to do is sit in front of the TV and, with a cup of green tea in hand, crush an entire season of Friends.

I’ve got another confession to make. My relationship with hangovers got so bad that, in fear of feeling crap the next morning and losing out on a whole day, I started making excuses when friends and colleagues asked me out for a drink.

“I can’t tonight, I’m not feeling so good.”

I felt fine. But, when I weighed up a night out against missing out on my yoga class, not being able to be fully present with my kids, or falling behind on that huge stack of ironing that had been piling up over the last two weeks - well, you already know which one won.

A few months went by like this. I missed out on a cocktail party here; a big night out with the girls there. But then I noticed something. I wasn’t happy. Going out with friends, enjoying a few drinks… shit, I needed that in my life.

I needed my social life back without sacrificing my work and family life, but the question was: how?

I turned to my Facebook feed for some advice. Within minutes, I was flooded with answers.

“Have you tried Tylenol?"

“Apparently activated charcoal works”

“Just down some coconut water before you go to sleep”

I read the comments thread feeling… deflated. With a long history of bad hangovers, I’d already tried all of these methods several times - and let me tell you: they don’t work. Just as I was about to give up on Facebook, my phone lit up:

“Have you tried Over EZ?
It’s a new natural hangover pill that you take before your first drink. Apparently, it protects your liver when it processes the alcohol.”

Now that was something I’d never heard of.

My curiosity peaked, I did a little further research online. I found out that Over EZ uses all-natural ingredients like milk thistle, chicory root, and magnesium to drain out all the nasty effects of alcohol, all while keeping your liver protected and giving you a clean energy boost.

Unlike Tylenol and charcoal, this was a pill that has been proven to work, and the reviews spoke for themselves.

What really sold it for me was that they have a love it or your money back guarantee. So, I thought, what have I got to lose? As my daughter would say, YOLO.

When the blue pack arrived, I opened it up straight away and read the instructions. It promised great things, but, to be honest, I was dubious. Could an all-natural pill really save me from my hideous mornings?

That same evening - my first proper night out in three months - I put it to the test. As instructed, I took just one pill right before my first glass of wine, and soon forgot about it as I let my hair down for the first time in months. Damn, I’d missed this.

The next morning, I winced in anticipation of my usual symptoms.I blinked my eyes open. Laid there for a moment. Checked my alarm clock. It was 9 am and... nothing.

No headache. No nausea. No brain fog. Nothing! In disbelief, I chuckled to myself.

Did I really just outsmart my demon of a hangover? Afraid that it was a one-off, I tried it again the following weekend. Again, no hangover. But that wasn’t all: Over EZ didn’t just get rid of the headaches and nausea, but it also gave me a boost of energy, cleared my head, and lifted my mood.

It didn’t just make me feel ok; it made me feel better. Taking Over EZ has shown me that I don’t have to choose between having a social life and getting things done the next day.

My only regret? Not trying it sooner.

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Note: Self and affiliated writers don’t condone the irresponsible, or illegal consumption of alcohol. Please drink responsibly, according to to your local laws, and know your limits.


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